Choosing The Best Crossfit Shoes 2014

With Crossfit training taking off across the nation and becoming ever more popular many individuals are wondering how they can find the best shoes for crossfit . Finding the perfect CrossFit shoes can make a huge difference in the way you train and progress in your workouts. Crossfit workouts can be so dynamic and challenging. One minute you might be heavy lifting and the next hanging from a rope. Having a shoe that can keep up with the workouts but will also be comfortable and provide the support you need is extremely important.

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Taking your time to find the right pair will pay off when it comes to performance. A great place to start your search is by looking at all of the different models of shoes and comparing. You can find out what a particular shoe may help you excel in the most like running, rope climbs, box jumps and/or weightlifting. You can also find out in what areas a shoe might be lacking. Developing and understanding from these two points of view will help you to make an informed decision when it comes to your crossfit shoes. Because who really wants to go through the pain of purchasing shoes that rub you the wrong way.

Any time you are looking for new workout shoes you want to make sure that you get a shoe that fits right and offers you everything you need from support to comfort. When you are looking for the best shoes for crossfit keep those things in mind but you will also have to add in a couple of other requirements that are unique to the tough Crossfit environment. Factors such as performance and durability are going to have a strong influence when you are getting ready to purchase the best shoes for your crossfit needs.


Having a comfortable shoe that breaths is essential when you are doing any kind of workout not just Crossfit. You want a shoe that is breathable and allows your feet to get the ventilation they need when you are deep into your WOD. Some shoes provide a lot of breathable mesh in the construction as well as antimicrobial coatings which helps to contain your stinky feet. With all the movements and variety in crossfit you will find out quickly if your shoe is comfortable or happens to cause pain in certain parts of the foot. Each shoe from each different brand can provide a range of differences. Some brands can tend to fit wide or tight or some might provide better comfort in certain areas of the feet. You want to leave the gym with your feet and legs feeling strong and healthy as opposed to aching feet that are covered in blisters. Finding a shoe that fits your foot properly is vital, especially for the health of your legs and feet overtime during all those grueling WODs.

The fit of the shoe is also a very important characteristic of the shoe you purchase. This is not referring to the comfort of the shoes but more how the shoe was meant to be worn. Be warned that most shoes for crossfit run about a half size big. So if you are used to purchasing an 11.5 you would probably be better off with a size 11.0. In addition, another thing to consider in terms of what size of shoe to order is whether you will wear socks or not. It is completely a personal preference but when you start to wear minimalist shoes some find wearing no socks is a better feel. This could also effect the size of shoe you order as well as the magnitude of ventilation the shoe provides.


Crossfit workouts typically consist of a variety of actions from weightlifting to climbing to running lines, having a shoe that is flexible and gives you confidence when completing all movements is ideal. Personally I tend to favor shoes that provide ample lateral support. I need to feel confident when making quick cuts and jumping that I am not going to twist my ankle. You may look for shoes that provide extra grip and protection for your harsh rope climbing workouts or shoes that provide more support for your arches. Finding a shoe that will allow you to push yourself in the most efficient way but still offer the support and protection you need should be something to think about while you are on the search for your Crossfit shoes.

Another important part of finding the best crossfit shoes is considering what your skill level is, how serious of training you want to do, and what type of foot you have. If you are a beginner or casual crossfitter, some suggest simply sticking with your typical cross training shoes. If you are looking to really dig into your Crossfit workouts and get into a more serious training schedule then you will need to get shoes specifically made for Crossfit. As you get more serious about Crossfit training a shoe that is overly cushioned can actually hinder your training and increase the propensity for injuries. Shoes that have a flat or low sole are perfect for Crossfit training. Many that take part in Crossfit suggest going with a minimalist shoe. These types of shoes have little to no heel to toe drop when it comes to sole types, which means that the heel and toe are close to the same height. This is because it allows you to feel like you are working out barefooted which is ideal for Crossfit as the feeling of the contact between your feet and the floor as you run, jump and lift can help to improve form and increase gains.


The CrossFit environment is hectic and will have you jumping, running and climbing all in the same workout, finding shoes that can stand up to this variety and match comfort with durability is key. CrossFit shoes tend to be more of a minimal type shoes thus durability can be a problem. A heavy shoe can bring down your whole workout session and keep you from seeing the improvements you want. Going with a lighter shoe that has a durable build will increase the longevity and can give you the versatility to wear the shoe outside of your usual workouts. Luckily the top brands in crossfit shoes continue to improve and develop high quality technology that beautifully balances weight and durability. Be sure to note this criteria when searching for the best crossfit shoes for your style of crossfit.


The important thing to remember is that you want shoes that feel good on your feet, can perform the type of training that you do and that are durable enough to last your tough workout schedule. Sometimes people don't see the importance in good crossfit gear. This is a huge mistake. Researching and honing in on what works for you and your long term goals can provide you with explosive gains. Giving you more time to worry about developing and testing your physical abilities. You may have to spend a little extra money but in the long run it will be worth it, as you will be purchasing a great pair of shoes that will help you do some amazing things during your Crossfit workouts.

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