WalMart to price match on Thanksgiving and Black Friday Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ~ I hope you have a great week celebrating with friends & family.

WalMart sent out a news wire story today advising that they will be price-matching on Thansgiving Day (they'll be open), Black Friday, and the weekend after. WalMart always price-matches on grocery items but it's notable that they're also offering it for Thanksgiving and Black Friday specials.

If you haven't price-matched before, it basically means you canshow a competitor's adat the price-matching store, in this case WalMart, and they will honor the price.

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Price-matching can save you time and increase your chances of getting a great deal.

The tricky thing with price-matching(at WalMart & many places) is that the items must be identical . WalMart trains their employees to check this closely identical means the exact brand, size, model number, etc. Electronics, such as TV's and camerascan be difficult to match as different big stores often carry slightly different models. Children's toys and gameswill likely be some of the easiest things to price-match.

If you're already planning to hit WalMart on the Black Friday weekend or think you might, and you also have deals at other stores that you want to chase check in advance to see if WalMart has identical items for you to price match.

Note that WalMart does not price match online.

Happy Holidays & Happy Holiday Savings ~ Have fun & good luck getting great deals!

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Posted in Shopping Other Post Date 06/13/2017