Buying online

Buying online gives you the absolute best selection, without any pressure, from whatever store you desire. It can definitely be overwhelming, but I have a few guidelines for buying online that should help.

1. Measure yourself and compare to their sizing guide.

The best way to make sure that you're not consistently getting clothes that are terrible for you is to always have an accurate measurement of yourself before you buy. Keep an updated "size" for yourself, and keep in mind that your feet, legs, and fingers will swell a little as the day goes on. Measure yourself at night, right after a workout, etc.Clothes do move a little with you, but nonstretchy pants that you're poured into in the morning may be very painful at the end of the day.

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2. Buy only from places that give you a guarantee.

What if you buy it, try it on, and it looks terrible? The waist isn't in the right place, there's bagging, it gives you a muffin top, the shoulder isn't in the right place, etc. The best way to deal with this is to make sure that you can always send it back if it doesn't work for you. The only catch is that you have to actually try it on when you receive it!

I personally like buying online from stores that are physically close to me. Check their policies before counting on this, but it really gives me peace of mind to know that I can physically return it to the store. Mailing a package often means a post office visit. Maybe it's just my generation speaking, or shipping costs (if applicable) make me feel like I went in the red, but I personally have a hard time fitting shipping into my schedule.

3. Make sure there are a good number of positive reviews.

Look through Amazon, the company's website, and 3d party sellers. How many positive reviews are there? Look at the negative reviews. Do those customers sound like they have a similar fit to you? How did they feel about it? At least 30 reviews should be on those sites total, and you want to look for less than 5 relevant negative reviews. What I mean by this is you shouldn't worry about the fit on ladies that are a significantly different weight than you are. If you have a small bum, don't worry about the reviews saying that it didn't flatter their lower curves. Use your common sense!

4. Take a look at what fabric it's made of.

As you become a more savvy online shopper, you'll learn to always check the

material. You can zoom in as far as you can to see how thick the fabric is, or you can learn the basics of what clothes are made of. There are the general materials: cotton, Lycra, polyester, nylon, linen, and wool. There are also the higher-quality materials, such as: Egyptian cotton, silk,cashmere, etc. The way that a piece is knit is very important, too. Tank tops that are ribbed tend tokeep their stretch much longer than "flatter" knits. A ponte-knit will be much thicker than a jersey knit. An honest company/seller will always tell you what the piece is made out of. If you don't see what it's made out of throughout the page, steer clear !

5. Use Your Best Judgement.

Does it look like a scam? Do you have any trusted input that tells you otherwise? Is it a brand name for ridiculously cheap? Do yourself a favor and avoid it. I also tend to avoid advertisements with poor English the majority of them are illegitimate. Is it a brand from an English-speaking country? Then non-English speakers won't have any business underselling the native target audience. Anything that you buy from them will likely be a poor knockoff. At best, you'll deal with long shipping times and large shipping fees. Shop around and look at what each seller has for options.

6. Leave Reviews.

Whenever you buy clothes online (or anything, really), leave a review! You don't have to write a lot, just what size you got, your height, and how it fits you. Other little details, like it being itchy, or shrinking a lot in the wash, or loses its' stretchiness would be helpful. If you notice it, chances are others will, too! You should be reading the reviews on everything you buy time to give back a little.

What else do you do when you buy clothes online?

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