Galerie Lafayette

You get out of the Hotel Hollande and a sudden craving for shopping invades you. No problem. A few minutes from where you are, you will find your shopping heaven : The Galeries Lafayette.

A true paradise to spend money and feel like royalty for an afternoon.

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Amazing collections, lots of different brands, from which the biggest designers, with a breath taking dcor The Galeries Lafayette doesn't mess around ! Even it's dome is majestic.

The store was open in 1912, composed of just 5 floors, a tea room and few small boutiques.

They now bought the entire building and covers 47 800 m2. The least you could say is that you have a large choice.

They also have 8 restaurants and coffees spread around the store, all very different and with impeccable dcor. Great for a little break during your shopping marathon.

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