13 Tips to help you get started with your Adwords ad

1. Create a list of all possible keywords that fit your product, service or small business field. The more, the better!

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2. The first position on Google's search results page usually achieves the most clicks. However, this is also the most expensive position. The second to fourth display position could actually give you more visitors and more customers for less money, so give that a try first. See your small business transition to a successful business!

3. The position of the Adwords-ad is not only determined by the maximum price per click that you are spending. Google evaluates the relevancy of the displayed ad and the more clicks your ad receives, the higher it gets listed, the more traffic your small business will see.

4. The headline in the Adwords-ad must catch viewers attention. If you implement a keyword in the header that is highly relevant to your small business, you will receive more clicks on your ad.

5. In the text ad mention one or two reasons why the internet user should click on the ad and spend time on your small business website.

6. It is better to find search-terms that consist of several words and are precise.

7. Google AdWords offers helpful keyword-options which you should study. If properly set up, you can make sure that your AdWords-ad appears only if the internet-user has exclusively entered your term for example.

8. Insert "excluding keywords," or the ones your small business ad is not supposed to appear for. This way you do not have to pay for clicks when somebody is searching for free stuff or only for a pamphlet. Start your business success by saving yourself money!

9. Construct your ads so that the keywords are associated with the landing-page you want your visitors to see. That way you can customize your small business ads specifically to what the internet-user searched for.

10. A specific landing page can also measure exactly how many customers a specific Keyword and a specific ad brought in. You can optimize your displays continuously in this way and increase the purchase rate.

11. Update your AdWords-ads on specific events or holidays to intrigue potential customers.

12. Be conservative when selecting countries and languages your AdWords ads are supposed to appear for. If you small business does not apply to people internationally, target the local or national population, for example.

13. If your AdWords ads cost too much and/or go for too little profit, do not let your adds appear on partnering sites of Google. Test wisely! Not all ads are effective on partnering sites. Now that you have a couple of basic tips about adwords, starting increasing your small business success.

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