A clueless single father.

As I was always saying, nothing can really replace the love and caring that a mother can give her children. But with the absence of one, my kids have to make do with what they have a single father who seems to be clueless, or just gets easily confused when motherly things are on demand.

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That's what happened when my son had a bout with sickness more than two weeks ago. At first I asked him to take a rest, but later he was asking me if I can take him to the doctor which is what his mother would have done in the first place immediately.

So I did. We went to the hospital, and he was admitted. He has difficulty in breathing and the diagnosis was acute asthma. I was dumbfounded because my son never had it, nor shown any symptoms or was I just not aware? See.

And so we stayed at the hospital. On the second day, my second son was displaying the same symptoms my first son had. Was asking him if he wanted to be taken to the hospital, but he declined. He doesn't want to be confined, I guess.

So it happened that I was going back and forth hospital and home to take a look at how my two sons were doing. I had no choice, it's just us. It's a good thing my nine-year old daughter wasn't sick at the time and was able to stay at the hospital with her brother.

Still, I have to check on him and then back home to check my second son, who is left alone at the house every time I go to the hospital.

To cut the story short, they we're are both well now, although my eldest son is still under medication.

I know I have been amiss with my fatherly/motherly duties somehow that's why they got sick, but believe me, I'm trying my best trying to do everything on my own.

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