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Hammered Dulcimers

Hammered dulcimer in box

Thank you for visiting Celtic Crafts, home of the hammered dulcimer and bodhran, artistically designed and lovingly built by Tom Richardson. If you have a fond interest in these musical instruments and are looking to purchase one, or some Celtic music, you’ve come to the right place. We also sell accessories, including hammers and boxes.

Tom meticulously builds custom rosettes to beautify your dulcimer and improve the sound of the instrument. These carvings — from trees to clan crests — can also be built to greatly enhance your furniture.

Tom Richardson’s Dulcimers & Rosettes >>



Bodhran Drums


Check out our beautifully hand crafted bodhran drums and accessories. These unique instruments are affordable and extremely easy to play.

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Bodhran Drums >>

Custom Rosettes

Custom rosettes, clan crests


Celtic Music

Precipice celtic music CD

Precipice contains original music, rearranged traditional Celtic tunes, and poetry, performed with the hammered replica iwc dulcimer, bodhran, guitar and bagpipes.

Listen to MP3 Samples >>


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